Words From Our Patrons

“Come see what’s Happening in the Heights!”

*As a Chamber member, you feel highly valued, like an integral part of a support network that keeps Peoria Heights flourishing and it’s people feeling encouraged, enlightened and entertained.”

“Go visit ’em once, you won’t forget it!”

“You’ll sense an ambiance and mood that is quite extraordinary. You immediately feel and see why so many are enchanted with this village and it’s people. It’s hard to think of a more pleasant place to shop, raise a family, or start a business.”

“When you say, we’re located in Peoria Heights or hey, let’s try that new place in Peoria Heights….people like hearing that.”

“Those who live near Peoria Heights grab any opportunity to enter its cozy environment — full of interesting stores, fun nightlife, sensational restaurants, intriguing landmarks, and friendly people.”

“Stroll. Shop. Sit. Sip. Savor. And Share. Enjoy the mystique of  The Heights.”

“Soak up that unusual aura.”

“It’s entirely possible, and not merely conjectural – you just might decide to stay for a lifetime.”

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